Corporate Partnership

We would love to partner with your business!

Healthy employees pay great dividends!

Increasing employees' physical activity can create a healthier workforce, increase productivity and decrease risk of chronic disease. Physically active employees have lower healthcare costs, require less sick leave, and are more productive at work, Supporting healthy behavior - like offering a gym membership as part of your benefits package can attract and retain high quality employees

By providing a tangible benefit such as a gym membership, you can show your employees that you care about them as a whole person - not just when they're at work. We offer very reasonable corporate plans (see below) for your business to pay one flat monthly fee for employee gym memberships.

Another option would be for your employees to join on their own and we would apply a 10% discount to whichever membership plan they choose.

We offer a wide variety of free weights, circuit machines, cardio, cross fit equipment, rowers and a host of other options at our 24/7 fitness center. We offer your employees guaranteed availability no matter where they live or when they're scheduled to work.

Corporate Partnership Membership Plan

Offer this benefit to all your employees to use our 24/7 fitness center for one low fee!

2 Employees - $70/month

3-5 Employees - $125/month

6-10 Employees - $225/month

11-20 Employees - $350/month

21-30 Employees - $450/month

31-40 Employees - $550/month