Personal Trainers

Meet our Personal Trainers

Curtis Barr

Bio: Music teacher and wrestling coach in west Des Moines.  Father of 4.  I enjoy fishing, playing and listening to music and challenging myself everyday.


  • Tues, Thur. - 5:15 & 6am
  • Wed. - 6am

Vic Morales

Family: Daughter, Isabel (19), and son, Gabe (17)

Certifications: Vic is a Certified Elite Trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). To achieve this status, Vic earned his personal training certification, along with additional certifications in nutrition, strength and conditioning, and exercise therapy.

Fun Facts: Vic went through his own personal wellness transformation in 2010, losing 45 lbs. and has maintained that weight loss ever since. His friends and family know him for his positivity. He states: “My goal each day is to motivate and inspire others to make positive changes in their life, even if it’s just one person.” He has also been a competitive runner for 38 years..


  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30, 5:15, and 6 p.m.

KR Mele

K.R. has been around fitness for quite some time. After meeting his future wife, Gina, at A-K Nautilus Fitness Center in 1987, he then managed the gym for a few years following their marriage. He has developed a regular routine of exercise over the years and has also taken teams on long bike trips…one from California to Florida, one on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, and one across Pennsylvania.

K.R. loves to help people discover a sustainable exercise program that works for them! His strength is teaching people how to use the Circuit Training Machines properly and get the most out of their workout. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA. K.R. is also an ordained minister through the Assemblies of God.


  • Mon. - 6am, 11:30am
  • Wed. - 11:30am
  • Fri. - 6am