nu·tri·tion coach: noun /no͞ oˈtriSH(ə)n kōCH/
As identified by International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) - Not only does a nutrition coach act as a knowledgeable guide through information, resources, and facts about nutrition, but they also help clients apply the information to their lives and health situations. Each client is unique and a good coach helps the client tailor plans and apply the information in a way that is safe, practical and easy to follow. The key is not just to change eating habits, but modify behavior - this is often overlooked - but the whole picture of YOU is very important! This may include the way you think about food, the function of food in your life, your attitude towards food and your relationship with food in general. My goal is to teach you eventually how to be successful and self-sufficient without me!

Did you know?

  • 60% of Americans have one or more chronic diseases that can be attributed to lifestyle and diet?

  • 5 million people will go on a restricted meal plan this year, spending $33 billion on weight-loss products

Adjusting your lifestyle and diet is not the huge, intimidating mountain that it may seem. We will work together to incorporate small changes over the course of time - putting one foot in front of the other towards the goal that YOU set. It is about self-discovery - nutrition coaching empowers you to take responsibility for your own health.

We will work together to define and achieve your own goals

  • Losing weight?

  • Becoming more active?

  • Improving your overall health and avoiding chronic diseases that are often diet related like diabetes or high blood pressure?

We will learn together about the WHYS, the WHAT and the WHENS of why you as an individual choose the food that you currently choose. We will learn about what motivates you as an individual.

What a Nutrition Coach CANNOT do:

  1. Diagnose, treat or prescribe nutrition for illnesses (ie. Provide a meal plan for diabetes or obesity - tell you to eat 1/2c raspberries for breakfast)

  2. Use the titles “licensed dietician” or even “certified nutritionist”.

  3. Prescribe a diet/meal plan or supplements (ie. recommend fish oil for cardiac or joint health)

What a Nutrition Coach CAN do:

  1. Educate you about the benefits of protein, healthy fats and other macronutrients and water intake. (Have a serving of fresh fruit for breakfast)

  2. Let you know about evidence-based nutritional supplements that may augment your healthy lifestyle (ie. “The AHA recommends that you consume 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids called EPA+DHA, ideally from fish, but from a supplement if that is not possible”.)

  3. Share info from recognized nutrition organizations such as The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, The AHA, and

  4. Present info to you in an accessible and relatable way that makes sense to you (& doesn’t make your eyes glaze over)

The best results are achieved by coaching the “whole person.” If our diet is working against us, our workout program will be less effective. Movement and diet go hand in hand.

My husband KR and I work hand in hand to provide you with a framework to improve your overall lifestyle. We are both Certified Personal Trainers, however - KR focuses on Strength and Conditioning and I focus on Nutrition. If you are already a regular here at the gym - great! If you would like to begin or re-focus your exercise program a little more or learn new skills - we have a variety of options from group classes, to individual personal training tailored to your goals and desires or a short session learning proper form on the circuit machines.

Intro Special

$199 - four 45 minute nutrition only sessions (once/week)
$379 - four 45 minute each personal training and nutrition sessions

What does a Nutrition Coaching session look like?

  • I have a set of forms/assessments that I will ask you to fill out, including a 3 day dietary log. (Just a normal day’s intake! No judgment here! This helps us see together the areas of potential improvement) The forms include demographic info, current and past health history. Once those are returned to me and I look them over, we will set a time to get together and go over your goals - the WHY, the HOW and the WHEN (Special occasion? Birthday? Vacation?). This initial intake session is offered at no charge to you.

  • We will determine your motivation, set the goals and the steps needed to get there. We will also, if you are comfortable, take a series of body measurements that will give you objective data and a baseline to launch from. These also help when we do a periodic reassessment. If you don’t wish to do these - that is fine with me!

  • Record SMART Goals
    Specific (You want to eat 3 servings of vegetables a day)
    Measurable (You can measure those 3 servings)
    Attainable (It is definitely possible to eat 3 servings of vegetables a day)
    Realistic (You currently eat vegetables every other day and you can go to a store to buy more)
    Timely (You want to reach this goal in 4 weeks)

We will check in each week or on the schedule you prefer, adjusting and assessing, discussing what has worked and not worked, what you have enjoyed and what you haven’t.

Call or email the gym today to get started!